Lui Che Woo College held its 1st High Table Dinner on 22 September 2016 successfully. We were honored to have Mr. Patrick W.M. Huen as our distinguished guest and keynote speaker. Mr. Huen is the Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees and Chairman, Board of Directors, Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation.

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Group photo of High Table Dinner Guests Group Photo of High Table Dinner Guests Toasting

Prof. Yip Ming-Chuen (College Master of LCWC), Prof. Tam Sik Chung (Associate Master and Chief of Students), Resident Fellows, college staff and college students attended the dinner. In addition, other distinguished guests included Prof. Haydn Chen (Vice Rector, Students Affairs of UM), Mr. & Mrs. Patrick W.M. Huen, Mr. Laurence Chau (Partner of WICH Law Firm), Mr. Brian Poon (Representative of Lou Tou Vo Mathematics Scholarship), Prof. Kai Meng Mok (Dean of Honours College), Prof. Ka Veng Yuen (Registrar), Mr. Pang Chap Chong (Dean of Students – Students Affairs Office), Prof. Yao Jing Ming (Associate Professor, Head Department of Protuguese, FAH), Ms. Theresa Tchiang (Senior Instructor of FBA), Prof. Xiong Jie (Professor of FST), Prof. Ding Deng (Associate Professor, Head of Department of Mathematics, FST), Prof. Leong Ieng Tak (Assistant Professor of FST), Prof. Ng Iok Tong (Assistant Professor of FST), Prof. Yeung Hang Fai (Assistant Professor of FBA) and Mr. Michael Ching (Director of Operations (Macau) of Dr. Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation).

University of Macau took this opportunity to present the awards to the recipients of Lou Tou Vo Mathematics Scholarship, AIA Foundation Scholarship and WICH Law Firm Scholarship in this High Table Dinner. We were delighted to invite Mr. Brian Poon, Representative of Lou Tou Vo Mathematics Scholarship, Mr. Laurence Chau, Partner of WICH Law Firm to present the awards to the 9 students, Ms. Lam Ka U, Ms. Deng Yu Zheng, Mr. Lei Yufei, Mr. Wu Bo, Ms. Li Zhe, Ms. Feng Dandai and Ms. Xie Yuqing. Prof. Haydn Chen assisted to present the awards of AIA Foundation Scholarship to the 2 students, Ms. Wong Weng Lam and Ms. Kuong Ieng Ieng.

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Mr. Brian Poon presenting scholarship to the student Prof. Haydn Chen presenting scholarship to the student
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Mr. Laurence Chau presenting scholarship to the student High Table Dinner Speaker: Mr. Patrick W.H. Huen

Our guest speaker – Mr. Patrick W.M. Huen gave an inspiring speech on the topic of “Learn for the Future”. Mr. Huen encouraged students to discover their own talents and to think critically of the meaning of life. One’s values are explored and defined by no others but yourself. Stay positive and always be determined will guide you to find the path of your life. Mr. Huen also donated 4 books which he thinks is inspiring to the college. The books are called “Teach for the Future”, “Education’s End Why Our Colleges and Universities Have Given Up on the Meaning of Life”, “Excellence Without a Soul” and “李天命的思考藝術”.

A series of exceptional performances were prepared by the college students – singing performance by our College Band and a belly dance performance by Ms. Carrie Lin which highlighted the atmosphere of the event.

IMG_9468 IMG_9436
LCWC Students Singing Performance
IMG_9502 IMG_9541
LCWC Student Belly Dance Performance
College Master proposed a toast to the students

When the dinner almost came to an end, the College Master, Associate Master and the college staff proposed a toast to the students for expressing thankfulness and best wish to their studies. After the dinner, a lot of students took photos with the guests and their fellow college students in the dining hall, which gave the dinner a wonderful and warming ending.2016-09-29 09:45:29