House Association (HA) organizes activities of the LCWC, which includes three executives and five working Group Chair.

The HA is the leading student body headed by The three executives, President, Vice President and Secretary (Treasurer) serve as important roles to lead the association. They are elected by LCWC members each year.

HA Working Groups (WG) aim to cater for students’ diverse interests. Students can volunteer or be invited to be a member of a working group. The HA Executives and its working groups are responsible for coordinating activities for the College and their specialized areas. Advices and supports may be sought from the College Master, Chief of Students, Resident Fellows and/or administrative staff to help on planning and organizing these activities.

Five main working groups are included in the association:
I.   Media Promotion;
II.  Social Life and Community;
III.  Sports and Health;
IV.  Culture and Entertainment;
V.   Activity Planning.

Executive Members AY 2023/2024