Island Cycling is a popular activity in Taiwan due to a well-established roads around the island. A lot of people participate in this activity every year and gain valuable experiences in self-challenge, nature exploration and learning about the different customs.
10 LCWC students and LCWC Resident Fellow, Dr. Zheng Yang-Yi of LCWC organized this event for the first time and they completed 1200 km cycling from 24 May to 7 June 2018. In order to prepare well for this trip, they started the training 1 month before the trip. The training included running around the campus and muscle training every morning on weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, they ran more than 10 km outside the campus. The training aims at improving their physical strength and enhancing their team spirit.

The trip was a good opportunity to review the College educational achievement. In this trip, our team have shown their strong sense of responsibility and team spirit in facing various challenges during cycling.

Besides cycling, the trip also provides an opportunity to students to understand more about the Taiwanese community. During the trip, our team lived in different tribes and interacted with the people in the tribes; they also joined a series of activities about community development.

This trip leaves an unforgettable experience to our team although it is extremely difficult to accomplish. For example, we have to ride 120 km in the hills per day in spite of the hot weather of 37 degree above or in heavy rain. Some of the students intended to give up several times, but we insisted to complete the challenging journey, and it turned out to be a rewarding accomplishment. In terms of the physical strength and teamwork, the team exceeded their limit and expectation.

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