In order to foster the connection of public service system between Guangdong region and Macao for the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, students of Lui Che Woo College, led by College Associate Master, Prof. Tam Sik Chung, joined a service learning trip in Hingning.

Guided by the head of the elderly house, Mr. Lam, the students visited 27 poverty families and expressed their sincere solicitude to them. Most of the families are living in a terrible environment, and some even suffered from physical or mental disabilities. The students also participated in a food bank’s activity and distributed basic living necessities to the poverty families.

During the sharing session with the students, Mr. Lam expressed that he had to visit every poverty family to assess if their conditions meet the requirement for the service as so to protect the service and fund from being abused.

Besides, the students had a discussion session with the director of Education Bureau of Hingning. They found that, Hingning is the origin of football’s popularity in China, and the city placed high value on football. Our students proactively invited students from Hinning to have a friendly football match in order to reinforce the social service cooperation and have a better understanding of Macao and Hingning.

The service learning trip to Hingning does not only help the students to understand more about Guangdong region, but also simulates their awareness of social services. The students also expressed that, the situation of the poverty left them strong impression. They were inspired by the trip and will become more active in participating social services in the future. Last but not least, they would like to arouse the attention from others to participate in this charity work in order to extend the support to the ones who need their help in the society in larger scale.