LCWC is effectively made up of six–story residential building, which is the most recognizable and distinctive college. All of these buildings are structurally connected, but they have separate entrances and spaces. To provide counseling and advice to the students who stay in the college, LCWC has an apartment for College Master, Associate Master, and Resident Fellows.

LCWC is laid out in a S-shape design. At each corner, there is a stairwell and lift. The ground floor contains public areas, offices, dining hall, and different function rooms including study room, meeting room, TV room, music room, gym room, sports activity room, laundry, and vendor machine zone. Students live in floors 1 through 6. A room for student who are disable and/or required wheelchair is available on the first floor.

In the College Lobby, more basic facilities such as vending machines, sofas are placed for student’s leisure use, and security stations in the counter for 24 hours.

The back side of the college garden.

The television room is located at G012. It is an auditorium with more than 40 seats. A Karaoke system and a digital piano also are put in the room for residents to have classes and fun. 

The study room for classes, seminars and activities held by the college.

The pantry is located at G015, equipped with refrigerators, microwave, and several basic cooking supplies. In It contains refrigerators, microwave, and several basic cooking supplies. In addition, several vending machines are available for residents to purchase snacks and soft-drinks.

IMG_205911All residents can have their meals in the dining hall across one academic year. More than 250 seats are available.

The laundry is located at G013 installed more than 10 washing machines and drying machines. In addition, washing machines are also available on each floor.

The fitness room is located at G016. There are several equipment for residents to practice physical exercises.

1506481_719477248173588_6717346746982813940_n123The music Room is located at G014. There is a grand piano, ukuleles, traditional Chinese and digital band instrument.

College Badminton Court for Student’s Use

The dancing room is located at G017 that is suitable for residents to practice different kinds of exercises such as aerobics, yoga, etc.

There are tables chairs and a television, a printer in the discussion room (G025, G028), residents can have either group discussion or private study.

The library is located at G031. There are books for residents to read and study.