AY2017-18 LCWC 2nd High Table Dinner and Pre-drink Reception

    Date:23 November 2017 (Thursday) Time: Pre-drink Reception: 18:30—19:15 Dinner: 19:15—21:30 Venue: LCWC Dining Hall (W22, G018) Dress Code:Formal* Due to limited seats, it will be on first come first served basis accordingly to the date and time of registration. All the LCWC students who are interested, please kindly register A.S.A.P. Please kindly enter the [...]

Honourable Keynote Speakers in 2015/2016

Honorable guests invited as honourable keynote speaker in HTD in 2015/2016 are shown as follows: 12 October 2015 Prof. Chuxia DENG Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Topic: “Chronic Diseases and the Concept of Sub-Health"      11 November 2015 Prof. Haydn CHEN Vice Rector (Students Affairs) of UM Topic: [...]

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Honorable keynote speakers in HTD in 2014/2015

Honourable keynote speakers in HTD in 2014/2015: Prof. LIU Chung Laung Disignated Master of Lui Che Woo College Prof. FENG Da Hsuan Director of the Global Affairs Office Dr. Alex LAI Iat Long Vice Rector (Administration) of UM Dr. YU Xiaoming Dean of Students [...]

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The House Association (2014/2015)

Executive Members (2014/2015)     Mr. HOI Ka KitPresident Year 3, FBA 我是許嘉傑(薯仔),就讀大二工商管理。喜愛運動、唱歌、戲劇。我希望自己能挑戰自己,擔起自己的主席經驗。亦希望能夠在書院與大家一起學習、一起建造我們理想中的書院。   Mr. NG Wa ChonVice-President Year 2, FST 我是吳華俊, 機電系大二學生,平時喜歡音樂和旅行。我會與院生會同仁和各位院生一起并肩作戰,為書院的發展繼續努力,構建我們理想書院!   Ms. CHEN ZhuoYueSecretary Year 1, FBA 我是陳卓玥。喜歡彈琴唱歌表演寫劇本的我雖然只是一個小學妹,但是我相信我會奉獻出無限的激情和動力,為書院的建設和發展做出最大的努力。書院有任何問題都可以來找秘書,我一定會秉持著樂於聆聽、善於服務的態度幫大家解決問題,打造更好的書院環境!   Working Groups (2014/2015)         Ms. LIN JiaLiArt and Culture Working Group Chair Year 2, FBA 我是林嘉麗! 從小受到藝術文化的熏陶,並享受藝術帶來的心理震撼和精神啟發。接下來的學期,希望給大家帶來有意義、有啟發性的好玩的活動!有興趣的你,一定要來加入我們!一起策劃活動和積極參與哦!   Mr. WONG On [...]

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