Lui Che Woo College successfully organized service learning trip to Sichuan to do voluntary teaching from June 11 to June 20. 7 students joined the trip led by resident fellow Dr. Caixia Chu. The voluntary teaching was an extension of the long-distance teaching program. Students went to meet with students they taught through the online platform and review the contents taught.

Sichuan Lizixiang Aixin primary school lacks qualified English teacher to conduct English classes therefore all students have 0 level English. However, students in other schools begin their English class from grade 3. In collaboration with V-teaching, LCWC launched a long-distance teaching program to teach English for grade 3 and grade 4 students.

Every student from LCWC delivered classes. They prepared their PowerPoints and materials before departure through discussion, practiced the class the evening before and reflected the teaching afterwards. Although had good preparation, with little equipment and a large class, it was a great challenge for students to teach. Students had to adjust their teaching methods. One student even lost her voice.

On the last day of teaching, students also designed interesting activities for students to review the contents they learned in class, for example, the alphabets competition and family tree game. Students enjoyed the games very much.

During weekend, LCWC students went to visit students at home. Most of the students live on the mountain, with 2hrs walking distance from school the farthest. LCWC students walked to the house of students and experienced the hardness of their way to school. They were shocked by the very shabby environment of their home.

Student Liu asked a student: it’s so hard to walk on the mountain, what happens when it rains? The student answered: ‘you need to hang on and keep going’ Student Liu was moved by student’s answer. Apart from the teaching skills they gained through teaching, students were inspired by local students’ persistence and reflected on their own life and attitude to study.

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Local Students writing English


LCWC student teaching local student


Grade 3 Students group photo

Home visit


LCWC students and local students