During the High Table Dinner on 21 September 2017, a short video about coping with Typhoon Hato and the aftermath of disastrous destruction prepared by our resident, Mr. Chao Hio Lam, was shown to everyone. On the night of the Typhoon Hato hitting Macau, power shortage and water scarcity had happened for many hours, yet the students gathered together to sing and dance, making each other feel warm and be positive to face the disaster. The typhoon brought some serious devastation to the small city, it may have damaged our campus and homes, it did not destroy our spirit. A team of students helped to clear debris that was scattered around in the campus. They also went to the seriously affected area in Macau to help cleaning up and distribute supplies to the people in need.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Chio Hio Lam, who spent tremendous effort in preparing this video.

2017-09-27 06:19:32