Lui Che Woo College held its 4th High Table Dinner on 27th April 2017 successfully.

Prof. Yip Ming-Chuen (College Master of LCWC), Prof. Tam Sik Chung (Associate Master of LCWC), Resident Fellows, college staff and college students attended the dinner. In addition, other distinguished guests included Ms. Hoi Va Pou (Head of Department of Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling and Drug Dependence, Social Welfare Bureau); Ms. Cheung Wai Ling (Principal of Mateus Ricci College); Dr. Paul W.T. Poon (University Librarian); Prof. David Pong (Master of Choi Kai Yau College); Mr. Pang Chap Chong, Paul (Dean of Students, Student Affairs Office); Prof. Chen Xiaoyun (Associate Professor, FBA); Prof. James Li (Assistant Professor, Department of English, FAH); Prof. Nevia Dolcini (Assistant Professor, FAH); Mr. Denis de Castro Halis (Senior Instructor, FLL); Prof. Tam Mei Leng (Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, FAH); Prof. Ng Iok Tong (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, FST); Prof. Yeung Hang Fai (Assistant Professor, FBA); Prof. Su Yan (Associate Professor, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, FST); Ms. Theresa Tchiang (Senior Instructor, FBA); Prof. Chiang Hsu-Min (Assistant Professor, FED) and Prof. Kuo Shih-Ya (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, FSS).

The dinner was kicked off by an opening remark from College Master, Prof. Yip. He expressed his best wishes to the graduating students and presented each of them a college pin as a souvenir together with the beautifully-designed photo frame prepared by House Association.

A series of exceptional performances were prepared by the talented students who wrote the song on their own, “Moon Boat” and following, song, “風雨共濟” which is written by a Year 4 student, Mr. Zeng In Son for the graduating students. His performance highlighted the atmosphere of the event and brought not only emotion, but also precious memories of college life to the graduating students.

College Master, Associate Master and resident fellows proposed a toast to the students for expressing thankfulness and best wishes to their studies before the closing. After the dinner, a lot of students took pictures and shared the joyful moments with each other, which signaled a wonderful and warm ending of the dinner.

For more information, please refer to the Chinese version.

Lui Che Woo College

Group photo of High Table Dinner Guests

Group photo of High Table Dinner Guests Toasting

College Master Prof. Yip delivered an opening speech

College Master Prof. Yip presented the souvenir to graduating student College Master Prof. Yip presented the souvenir to graduating student

LCWC Student Performance

College Master proposed a toast to the students