Lui Che Woo College held its 1st High Table Dinner of 2017/2018 successfully

Prof. Yip Ming-Chuen (College Master of LCWC), Prof. Tam Sik Chung (Associate Master of LCWC), Resident Fellows, college staff and college students attended the dinner. In addition, other distinguished guests included Prof. So Yuk Chow, Jacky (Dean of FBA); Prof. Tong Io Cheng (Dean of FLL); Dr. Lau Yun Tung (College Master of CKPC); Prof. Yuen Ka Veng (Registrar of Academic Affairs Office); Mr. Pang Chap Chong, Paul (Dean of Students, Student Affairs Office); Prof. Spencer Li (Professor & Associate Dean, Department of Sociology, FSS); Prof. Su Yan (Associate Professor Department of Electromechanical Engineering, FST); Prof. Ma Shaodan (Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, FST); Prof. Tam Mei Leng (Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, FAH); Prof. Yeung Hang Fai (Assistant Professor, FBA); Dr. Carlos Filipe Guimaraes Figueiredo (Senior Instructor, Department of Portuguese, FAH); Prof. Chiang Hsu-Min (Assistant Professor, FED).

The dinner was kicked off by an opening remark from College Master, Prof. Yip. A short video about coping with Typhoon Hato and the aftermath of disastrous destruction specially made by our resident, Mr. Chao Hio Lam, was shown to everyone. On the night of the Typhoon Hato hitting Macau, power shortage and water scarcity had happened r many hours, yet the students gathered together to sing and dance, making each other feel warm and be positive to face the disaster. The typhoon brought some serious devastation to the small city, it may have damaged our campus and homes, it did not destroy our spirit. A team of students helped to clear debris that was scattered around in the campus. They also went to the seriously affected area in Macau to help cleaning up and distribute supplies to the people in need.

Two exceptionally talented students, Ms. Heather Jean Birkeland and Ms. Su Xiaoqing, prepared musical performances which lightened up the dinner’s atmosphere and drew enthusiastic applause from the audiences.

College Master, Associate Master and resident fellows proposed a toast to the students for expressing thankfulness before the closing. After the dinner, students were engaged in conversations with the guests and college affiliates. They took pictures and shared the joyful moments with each other.

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Guests in Cocktail Session

Toasting Moment

Video Sharing Moment

Student Performance

Student Performance

Toasting with college affiliate

Toasting with college affiliate

Toasting with students