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High Table Dinner (HTD) originated from the formal dinner of English colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities with long years of history. With the College Master being the host of the event, the HTD in the dinner hall is organized normally twice a semester.

Our residents wearing formal dress, attending a grand formal dinner sit at long refectory tables in the dinner hall. To make the HTD a memorable night for all residents, scholars are invited as the honorable keynote speaker(s) to share their success story or their views on topics of common interest. As a major college hall education, it is our hope that residents will feel at ease in attending formal social functions and get well versed to social and dining etiquettes which is a combination of ritual and consumption that helps college keep their traditions alive. Given these values, the HTD is an important college function that all residents are required to attend.

Honorable guests invited as honourable keynote speaker and  keynote events in HTD in 2017/2018 are shown as follows:

21 September 2017
Video Display of Freshmen Orientation and Typhoon Hato

23 November 2017
Prof. Hao Yufan
Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences
Topic: “誰的青春不迷茫 ─ 合理規劃大學生活”

1 February 2018
Prof. YUEN Ka Veng
Registrar, UM
Topic: “Introduction to 3+2/4+X”

17 April 2018
LCWC Graduation Party