In LCWC, distinguished scholars are invited for providing scholar talks to our residents. It is a major college education function in LCWC. Beside a formal talk, scholars share their working and life experiences with our residents in the dining hall during meal time. Dining together with scholars helps the residents will feel at ease in attending formal lecture and to foster an academic community which will be beneficial for their career development.

Distinguished scholars invited the scholar talks in the past:

Talk : “If you Believe, You Can Achieve”
by Mr. Buddy LAM

Tapic: “Finding Songlines of Aorinal Education and Culture in a Western Paradigm”
By Dr. Lawrence Joseph Perry

Topic: “Planning for Success”
by Prof. Mike Bowse

Topic: “The Life of Confucius and his Educational Philosophy”
by Prof. YEUNG Siu Kwai

Topic: “Japanese Culture”
Prof. Yamazaki

Topic: “The Ideology and Methodology of Chinese-language”
by Prof. LU Sheldon

Topic: “Mentoring Students to Career Success”
by Prof. PANG Su-Seng

Topic: “Dreams for Cows and Cowboys – Pursue Personal Creativity Mindset”
by Mr. Davy LIU

Topic: “來自火星的孩子”
by Prof. CHIANG Hsu-Min

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