The University of Macau held the first lecture of the UM Distinguished Lecture Series in the new academic year. Prof Tony F. Chan, President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, gave a talk titled ‘From A Kung Ngam to Clear Water Bay: My Life Journey’ on 24 August 2018. On the same day, he was invited for a sharing session in Lui Che Woo College with college students and staff. The casual sharing talk attracted over 60 students and staff. Students were excited for this opportunity to ask for opinions from Prof. Chan.

From a childhood in A Kung Ngam to high school in Causeway Bay, then to university study and an academic career in leading institutions in the U.S., a leadership position at NSF, returning to Hong Kong as the President of HKUST in Clear Water bay, and moving next to be President of KAUST in Saudi Arabia, Prof. Tony. F. Chan has accumulated experiences and lessons from his life journey of more than 60 years. He shared his experiences with the audience in the hope of bringing them inspirations to their own lives.

Prof Chan encouraged students to take up new challenges, make more friends and learn from them each other. College Master Prof Yip Ming Chuen was honored to present a folding paper fan as a commemorative gift to Prof. Chan, expressing his respect and admiration to him as an educator with students all over the world.

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